Encounter - Teacher Experience

Educators are often some of the most influential as students begin career pathway exploration, and ultimately make a career decision. It is because of this, CIEDA designed Encounter, a hands-on teacher experience, so that local educators have an avenue to connect with area business leaders. Through on-site tours of area companies and industrial facilities, we aid our educators in awareness of the local talent opportunities available to students, and the many education paths one can take to get there. Additionally, experience participants leave with customized curriculum to apply to their classrooms, pairing relevant concepts to practical applications. In turn, this allows student skill alignment to business success.

The goal of Encounter is to provide a hands-on experience that creates a foundation for educators to use in motivating students to develop and maintain career pathways, as well as provide relevance and rigor to STEM education, training and workforce development. Held annually in the summer, each year the theme changes to showcase new companies and trending industries.

Encounter 6.12.2020

Important Items to Note:

  • Registration will be limited.
    While masks will not be required for participants, individual manufacturers may require masks within their facilities. If you do not feel well, we ask you do not attend. Meals will be individually packaged, and hand sanitation options will be provided throughout the course of the day to limit germ spread. 
  • As we will be touring industrial facilities, there will be a fair amount of walking throughout the day. Comfortable, closed-toe and heel walking shoes are recommended.
  • Group transportation to tour locations throughout the day is provided. Required personal protective equipment for certain industrial facilities, including safety goggles and earplugs, will be provided for your use. This event requires closed-toe and heel shoes.
  • This experience is open to educators of all grade levels, including any public school district, career tech, or higher education institution. Please note registration preference is given to educators working at institutions located in Rogers County, Oklahoma.
  • As a token of CIEDA's appreciation to our educators, there is no cost to participate!
    However, if you are no longer able to attend, please notify our team immediately, so that someone else may take your place. Individuals that do not attend, and do not communicate their inability to attend will be invoiced for the cost of their participant materials.