The Claremore Industrial Park offers companies shovel-ready acreage, with paved road access and all utility infrastructure in place. Our partners are ready and willing to work with our businesses to ensure they have the reliable power, natural gas, water, and telecommunications needed to operate. Additionally, CIEDA can provide companies with unique incentives surrounding utility rates and connection fee waivers.

Water & Sewer

The City of Claremore recently completed $21 million in upgrades its municipal water treatment plant. The new water design allows the city a maximum use of 8.1 million gallons per day. Based on a 3 percent growth rate, these improvements will enable Claremore to meet its water needs through 2040.

The park currently houses both a 12-inch water and sewer line. The existing capacity of the 12-inch sewer main is 4,700 gallons per minute, and the 12-inch water main can produce 8.1 million gallons per day.


The City of Claremore provides electric service for the Claremore Industrial Park. The park is home to a dedicated substation, offering businesses a direct source for reliable power which can accommodate a variety of electric needs.

Natural Gas

The Claremore Industrial Park is serviced by two natural gas suppliers, ONE Gas, and Chelsea Gas. An existing 4-inch line and 6-inch line are located on site. Costs to provide transport service are based on a customer’s specific load requirements and service needs, which must be reviewed on an individual basis in order to provide meaningful estimates.


Both AT&T and Cox Communications offer telecommunications services within the Claremore Industrial Park. Both services have fiber-optic line infrastructure in place, and ready for company use.

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For more information regarding utilities at the Claremore Industrial Park, email our team or call at 918-283-8240.