Workforce & Education

Northeast Tech

Northeast Tech proudly houses one of its four campuses in Claremore, just minutes away from the Claremore Industrial Park. With a variety of training opportunities, workforce readiness programs, and business development specialists, Northeast Tech is a key partner in our community’s talent development pipeline.

Northeast Tech offers three main areas of training:

  • Full-Time Classes: Full-day and half-day classes for both high school and adult students
  • Short-Term / Adult Education Classes: Short-term evening and weekend classes for all types of topics
  • Business & Industry Services: Training for all workforce needs


Higher Education

Claremore is Hillcat Country! Our community is honored to be home to Rogers State University, a regional four-year university.

RSU is recognized for:

  • high-quality academic programs
  • a nurturing scholastic atmosphere
  • distance learning options
  • a high-technology learning environment

RSU offers a variety of master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degrees to assist students in achieving their academic goals, as well as a vibrant campus life with student organizations to foster development inside and outside of the classroom.

Other Higher Education Options:

In addition to RSU, northeast Oklahoma is home to numerous higher-education options, giving students and employers countless opportunities to find a university that meets their individual needs. Find a list of comprehensive regional colleges and universities listed below.

Northeast Tech Student Working
AXH Air Coolers Worker Welding

Claremore benefits from a skilled workforce pipeline, supported by CIEDA, which has established a working relationship with each school district in Rogers County and each of the regional institutions of higher education and career tech systems serving the area. CIEDA works to ensure a sustainable talent pipeline with a staff Talent Development Coordinator to support our area industry workforce needs.


Rogers County Public Schools

Click here to see a list of CIEDA talent development initiatives within Rogers County Public Schools.


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