Learn and Earn and Partners in Education Program

Partners in Education

We are proud to provide the Partners in Education program to connect students and teachers with corporate and civic leaders. These partnerships not only help educators improve the academic and personal growth of their students but place a strong emphasis on involving the community in the development of its own economic future.

Through this program, companies and organizations become recognized as an essential part of education in our community while reaping the rewards of helping develop the next generation of workforce in Rogers County.

Partnerships fulfill students’ needs, provide much-needed additional income for our public schools and make it possible for Rogers County to further succeed through clearly stated and shared mission, mutual goals, cooperative planning, and management. Over time the workforce culture is adjusted, allowing the partnership to flourish.

CF Industries donates $35,000 to aid Rogers County Schools

Partners in Education

RCB Bank
AXH Air Coolers
Coldwell Banker
Pelco Structural
Northeast Tech Student Working

Learn and Earn

CIEDA prides itself on providing innovative solutions to meet the community's growing workforce demand. Rogers County and Northeast Oklahoma are poised for significant growth in the coming years. Starting in the county's FFA classrooms, CIEDA looked to foster the interest area of agricultural mechanics students through a paid career-experience opportunity, while simultaneously offering an employee pipeline to its manufacturing partners Launched in late 2017, CIEDA's Learn and Earn platform aims to educate area students about the career pathways available in their backyard and assist our local manufacturing partners in developing the next generation of workforce.

The Learn and Earn initiative places high school seniors as part-time paid employees in a local Claremore manufacturer. Program participants receive paid training on-site, with opportunities to advance within various positions. Ultimately, this leads to a full-time job upon graduation. Through this unique process, Claremore's manufacturing partners are directly engaged in developing the next generation of workforce.

Today, the Learn and Earn program has student participation from four Rogers County Schools. This initiative has led CIEDA to serve as an area expert in the realm of student placement. These partnerships fulfill student needs, provide much-needed supplemental income for schools and make it possible for the county as a whole to further succeed through a clearly stated mission and mutual goals.


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