Aviation & Aerospace

Home to a growing aerospace community

Claremore and Northeast Oklahoma are home to significant assets in the aerospace industry, which will benefit any company looking to grow in this sector. Claremore's aerospace industry continues to grow and partner to move not only our companies, but our community forward.

Because we know how important is for you to succeed in businesses we have an offer for you that will bring you next to success. Learn more about the benefits Claremore has to offer.

A word from our aerospace partners.

"I believe that successful businesses are built on partnerships. If not for the last couple of years working together with CIEDA, MST Manufacturing as we know it today would not have been possible. Any other business considering coming to Claremore, I would recommend because they are dialed in."

Kenneth Statton photo

Kenneth Statton , CEO, MST Manufacturing

"Although we are a diverse company, our past as well as our future is in aviation. Our partnership with CIEDA and the Claremore manufacturing community has provided our company the opportunity to grow at an unprecedented rate. We are confident that Claremore is the prime spot to expand our business operations as we look to the future."

Brian O'Dell photo

Brian O'Dell , Vice President, Blue Arc Metal Specialties


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