Rogers County is currently experiencing lower than average unemployment. With a rate of just 2.8 percent, several high-wage positions in manufacturing, education and healthcare sectors remain unfilled. 

To aid in staffing in-demand occupations, The Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority, in conjunction with the City of Claremore and Rogers County, announced a new workforce training initiative. Through this program, Rogers County residents can apply for a training scholarship, allowing them to complete an approved technical  program at no cost. 

Courses offered include: 

  • RV Tech

  • CNC Machining

  • CNA Long-Term Care

  • Welding

  • CDL - Truck Driver Training

  • Certified Medication Aid

  • Paraprofessional (Teacher's Aide with ParaPro Prep)
    • 130 hours self-paced, online for a maximum of 6 months

  • Paraprofessional (Teacher's Aide with Registered Behavior Technician)
    • 180 hours self-paced, online for a maximum of 12 months
  • Child Development Professional
    • 365 hours self-paced, online for a maximum of 12 months 

*Must be currently employed in or seeking employment at a childcare center

  • Child Development Associate with Registered Behavior Technician
    • 170 hours self-paced, online for a maximum of 12 months

*Must be currently employed in or seeking employment at a childcare center

Other programs are available but must be pre-approved by the scholarship committee prior to acceptance into the program. If you have another Northeast Tech training program in mind, please ask if it is possible to attend.


More than $150,000 will be distributed to program applicants and remain open until reserves are exhausted. Rogers County residents who meet the low-to-moderate income guidelines established by HUD (see below) have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic will be given priority acceptance. However, any interested Rogers County resident is encouraged to apply! Funds will be allocated until depleted.


Rogers State University Micro-credential Opportunity 

To support those looking to begin a new career journey, Claremore Economic Development is offering a new micro-credential scholarship program in partnership with Rogers State University. The goal of this iniative is to provide a pathway for those interested in advancing their education beyond a high school diploma. Learn more here. 

Please note! - Students participating in the Rogers County Technical Training Program will not be eligible to participate in the RSU Micro-Credential Program. 

HUD 2023 Adjusted Household Income Limits 


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